Bath Soak

*Available in October | 5 Bath Soak product selections  

Crafted Aromas: 

Our natural salt crystals blend from deep sea deliver minerals which can work to help balance skin cells, purify pores and calm the senses. We add a blend of herb and essential oil, which have been known to soothe tired muscles, assist in relieving stress and can aid in promoting the serenity we all deserve before bedtime or anytime of the day. Aura Botanical Bath Soak makes for an exquisitely luxurious bath experience. 

Alchemy to your Senses:
Get lost in a world of serenity, cocooned bath to soak away stress and help your body to mindful settle down on a tranquil water. After a mineral-rich bath, you will feel more relaxed, calm and delight. Dip in and rejoice yourself.

Enjoy your Spa- like Bath Soaking aromatherapy relaxation.