Create Your Own Bundle Box

Gifting is an art and in this very private space you can choose any products including;  soaps, soaking salts, scrubs, showers steamers and bath bombs... Find the ones that are best enchanted for your gifting or for your own self-care moment (we are very fond of self-gifting and indeed we expect you deserve it).  

Keep adding to the box gifts for yourself, family, friends, neighbors, co- workers, community you belong and anyone you wish to gift. 

We want to be part of this big act of oneness, so we will gift you with $20.00 OFF on every $100.00 you spend on this big box full of kindness to others. 

We will decorate it with floating bows, elegant laces, charming dry flowers and lots of excitement and love. If you have any questions you can go to Reach Us section and we will pleased to support you through the whole process. We will reach out to you if we have any questions, to be sure you or your recipient has the most caring gift in their hands.

Aura Botanical Family.