Gift Sets

One of our core values is giving from our heart and soul - every little detail matters. We want every person that is gifted with our products to be touched, inspired, their feelings elevated and their connections blessed - touching the hearts of all. 

Gifting is an act of self-care and care that create memories. We detail and curate gift sets because we know that you can count on us to craft a special gift.  In a blink of moment these Gift Sets will bring an awe of excitement to the giver and the receiver, where memories of love are made. Gifting is an appreciation for one another, the planet and for ethical relationships. Send a lovely gift set to a friend, family member and all those special in your life.

We created these sets so you have a moment to simple breathe, making life easier for you. 
We add a charming ribbon, some pixie dusty and elegant dry flowers to each set. You have to trust us on picking the ribbons and dry flowers unless you want an even more special Gift Set, then reach us with the details.

Aura Botanical Family. 

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