Before My Work (Shower Steamer)
Before My Work (Shower Steamer)

Before My Work (Shower Steamer)

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Crafted Aromas: 

The character is a lavish uplifting Citrus Sage aroma, mindful and focused enveloping us in the present moment. Vigorous coffee strength delights our productivity, blissful with citrus radiant mornings. Wintergreen Essential Oil allows us to root ourselves with a sensation of relief and presence. Aromas of a golden invigorating morning, our shower steamers make for an exquisitely luxurious shower experience

 Menthol Crystals 

Alchemy to your Senses: 

These shower tablets provide you a mindful and delightfully uplifting spa-retreat experience - an in-shower aromatherapy meditation experience… where yourself happens.

How to enjoy:

Place tablet onto your shower floor or shelf where it gets wet but is not in the main water stream. As it fizzes, the aroma is released into the shower and surrounding bathroom. 

Store them in dry place away from humidity and sunlight.
Keep out reach of children. Do NOT eat. Don't use as a Bath Bomb
 or Bubble Scoop.

 Mother Nature's Garden: 

Baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate), Citric acid, Kaolin clay, Corn starch (zea may), cream of tartar(potassium tartrate), Menthol crystals (organic mint essential oil extract), Virgin coconut oil ( cocos nucifera ), Essential oil blend, Sea salt, Cocoa butter, Olive oil and natural mica for color.

Good to Know about Aura Botanical products:
     ⚬ Safe for All skin types
     ⚬ Proudly Hand Made in USA
     ⚬ Hand crafted in the Sunshine State (FL)
     ⚬ Non-GMO
     ⚬ Paraben Free - Sulfate Free - Gluten Free
     ⚬ Phthalate free - No hardening agents
     ⚬ Never Animal Testing
     ⚬ Handmade in small batches
     ⚬ Hand cut, Hand molded and decorated
     ⚬ Fair Trade
     ⚬ Friends of the Sea
     ⚬ USDA Organic Ingredients

The Final Scene:
The weight, design and dimensions may slightly vary from bar to bar or from one batch to another - that is the uniqueness of hand made products.

The Fine Artisan Bars of Soaps made with natural colorants, activated charcoal, mica's, flower buds, petals or bright colors may give a slightly colored lather or color the washcloth, but it won’t stain or harm your skin. Our products are safe to be used in all skin types. Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils are used for scent and we use all natural colorants including mica and biodegradable glitter.

Aura Botanical Artisan Bars of Soap won’t last as long as the commercial soaps without proper care, to extend its life keep it dry between baths uses on a soap dish. It will also last longer and lather beautifully if used with a soft cotton soap sleeve, a washcloth, or vegetable loofah (preferably).