More - Intimacy line

More - Intimacy line


Intimacy Soap Bar:

A luxuriously, unique, daily intimacy bar of soap that cleanses, richly moisture, soothes, nourish the skin on the intimacy area, leaving it soft, well-balanced. Gently foams while maintain the Intimacy area healthier .Good for all ages.


Helps balance the skin Ph;

Exfoliates without irritation;

Anti-bacterial, fungal, viral.

Natural antiseptic and astringent for the intimacy area and sensitive skin.

Heals and strengthens the skin. Improving skin structure prevents rash and irritations.

.Anti inflammatory, refresh the skin naturally.


.Lichen Extract: effective against body odor. Natural anti biotic, anti inflammatory, helps killing Gram bacteria, antibacterial, viral, fungal.

.Copaiba {Co-pA-e-bah} Balsam Essential Oil: reduces pain, prevents infection, healing properties, anti-inflammatory, strengthens skin

.Lavender essential Oil: helps reduce irritation, bacteria, and helps with itching, redness.

.Coconut Oil (organic, virgin): excellent moisturizer, healing properties, fights free radical, antibacterial, fungal, viral.

.Oatmeal Colloidal Powder: anti –irritant, relieve redness and itching.

.Boric Acid: antiseptic benefits for the skin, anti fungus infection, including vaginal yeast infection.

.Zinc: Accelerate wound healing. Antimicrobial properties, non-toxic.

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